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A rude awakening

not the best start to a day

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So I'm getting used to this deluxe top of the range showering device. It's got jets of water coming out everywhere. Had a shower last night just with the body jets, didn't want to get my hair wet. 4 x little shower jets fire at you, with some force I might add, at different heights and adjustable angles to reach the parts other showers can't reach!! Brilliant!

Stepped bleary eyed into the bathroom this morning. Thought I'd have a shower to wake me up. Opened the cubicle doors to get the shower running and at the right temperature as it always starts freezing cold until the hot starts coming through. Woke me up alright! I forgot I was the last one in the shower and I'd got it set on body jets. 4 x freezing cold water cannons shot between the two open sliding cubicle doors and i let out this really high pitched girly scream, leaped backwards with my arms held out to try and deflect the icy blast and ended up nearly sat in the sink. Reacting quickly I shut the cubicle doors - relief. As well as me , the bathroom floor and little bath mat were sodden. It was at this point, now totally awake, alert and brain fully functional, I realised my initial reaction was only a temporary solution as 4 x water jets were splattering the inside of the two now shut sliding shower cubicle doors and I had to open them to switch the shower off. Hmmmm! I'm going to get wet again I thought. That doesn't matter I do want a shower after all. The shower's now been running long enough for it to be warm and let's face it the bathroom floor et al is already soaking, so what are you worried about Michael. I always call myself Michael when I come up with a solution where I've been a bit dim or slow on the uptake. I get ready to open the shower's double doors to leap in and quickly close them behind me before too much water settles on the bathroom floor. Following a count of three I fling the doors apart and leap into the cubicle and in almost one continuous motion close the doors behind me. I let out yet another high pitched girly scream as I realise I am now being blasted by jets of boiling hot water and I dive for cover by pressing my body against the side of the glass shower cubicle whilst simultaneously looking for the master shower control which I manage to locate and switch off the water just before my skin peels off. I'm one of those who once in the shower keeps notching up the temperature and so by the time I'd finished my shower last night it was pretty much as high as it would go and that's where I'd left it. Silly boy Michael!

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